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Do you play impact sports, suffer from sleep apnea, or grind your teeth?

Customized mouthguards offer general dentistry patients a variety of benefits. First and foremost, if you play impact sports, you are no stranger to the need for facial protection. Sports like football, hockey, and gymnastics require you to wear mouthguards as a part of your professional uniform. This is because it is extremely easy for accidents to happen, and for you to experience unanticipated facial trauma.

Losing or damaging a tooth is a painful experience than requires expensive restoration procedures. Additionally, you are not the best player that you can be when you are constantly worried about protecting your teeth. That’s why Larsen Family Dental provides customized mouthguards, which fit snugly in your smile and protect your teeth while you play.

Protecting your teeth at any age is very important. You invest a lot of time and money into your teeth and your children’s teeth and they should be protected when at risk for severe damage. A custom-made mouthpiece is a perfect solution to protect your mouth and avoid costly and painful injuries.

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Custom Mouthguards in Bountiful, UT

Compared to over-the-counter mouthguards that take a one-size-fits-all approach to teeth protection, our custom mouthguards provide you with secure coverage that won’t slip around while in use. They provide more cushioning to protect the teeth upon impact.

Our mouthguards are created using dental impressions of your existing teeth. Additionally, if you use braces or other oral appliances, we can create mouthguards to fit around those as well.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

Why shouldn’t I use an over-the-counter mouthguard?

Over-the-counter mouthguards are better than leaving your teeth unprotected. However, customized mouthguards are designed specifically for your mouth. If you have smaller, misaligned, or slightly uneven teeth, it’ll be difficult to find a mouthguard that fits securely over your smile.

Additionally, our custom mouthguards are comfortable to wear as they are tailored specifically for you, making it easier to participate in your activity without having to clench your jaw to avoid losing the mouthguard.

How long does a custom mouthguard last?

Depending on the level of use, mouthguards can last anywhere from six months to three years. However, we suggest replacing them once a year as a general rule. If you’re a heavy user, we’ll monitor the state of the mouthguard and make sure to alert you if we think you should replace it earlier than that year mark.

Can a custom mouthguard shift your teeth?

No, no matter whether it’s a sports mouthguard or a nightguard, they shouldn’t move your teeth. While a mouthguard has a snug fit, it’s designed to only be as tight as needed to keep it in place. It shouldn’t place pressure on your teeth or cause them to move and shift.

How should my mouthguard fit?

Typically, a mouthguard should rest in between your first and second molars. We want to make sure the mouthguard isn’t coming into contact with too much of the soft palate, so it doesn’t engage your gag reflex. It should be snug, but not tight or uncomfortable. You should be able to take a sip of water or have a conversation without worrying about your mouthguard falling out.

Can I use my sports mouthguard to help with teeth grinding?

No, these guards use different materials and are designed for different purposes. Sports mouthguards are a bit bulkier, with a softer material that’s designed to absorb shocks. Using it for teeth grinding can damage both your mouthguard and your teeth. A tooth-grinding guard is slimmer and made of a strong, hard material to withstand grinding pressure. It doesn’t provide protection from a hit or trauma.

Can a mouthguard help with my sleep apnea?

A nightguard is a very similar oral appliance that we frequently prescribe to sleep apnea patients. A nightguard is essentially a customized mouthguard that you wear only at night while you sleep.

The nightguard is designed to hold your jaw in a healthy resting position that prevents your soft tissues from collapsing into the airway when you breathe, which is what causes you to snore. Mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea can be treated using this method.

Can a mouthguard help me stop grinding my teeth?

For patients who grind their teeth, we encourage the use of a nightguard. This is because it protects your teeth from potential damage caused by teeth grinding. The nightguard acts as a protective coating for your teeth. Even if you do continue to grind your teeth, the nightguard protects them from excessive wear, chips, and cracks.

How often should I clean my mouthguard?

It’s essential to keep your mouthguard clean to prevent bacteria growth. These bacteria can make you seriously ill and it’s important to prevent them. Rinse your mouthguard out with water after every use. It should be stored in a place where it can air dry safely. A continuously moist mouthguard is a haven for bacteria. Clean it with mouthwash or a soft soap and water at least every other day to prevent bacteria growth as well.

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