Headache Treatment Bountiful, UT

Do you suffer from tension headaches? 

Tension headaches can be extremely distracting, painful, and difficult to manage. Patients who experience frequent tension headaches often don’t know that this can be related to their oral health. As a holistic dentist in Bountiful, UT, Dr. Larsen is not only concerned about your oral health but also your overall health and well-being.

If you’ve been suffering from recurring headaches, bring this up to Dr. Larsen at your next appointment. There are a variety of issues he can evaluate to determine if your headaches are caused by dental concerns. If so, Dr. Larsen will provide you with a treatment plan to help reduce the frequency of your headaches and restore your peace of mind.

Headache Treatment in Bountiful Utah

Headache Treatment in Bountiful, UT

Many of our patients are unsure about the cause of their headaches. However, it is common for headaches to be the result of a dental health issue, commonly related to the function of the bite.

Dr. Larsen has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of occlusal disorders, an underlying cause of recurring headaches for many patients. He takes a conservative and holistic approach to your care and will develop a treatment plan unique to your needs.

Here are some common questions we get asked regarding our headache treatment plans.

What dental issues cause headaches?

Teeth grinding, TMJ disorders, and even cavities can cause tension headaches. Anything that throws off the function of your bite pattern and puts extra strain on your teeth, gums, and jawbone can cause a headache.

Additionally, if you are missing teeth, this can cause a headache as well because your remaining teeth are required to pick up the slack, which involves extra work. At Larsen Family Dental, we can treat all of these issues with solutions like dental implants, customized night guards, or TMJ treatment.

How do I know if my dental issues cause my headaches?

Headaches caused by dental issues usually start with a dull pain that you feel on one or both sides of the head and around the temples. Additionally, you can feel pain or soreness in the teeth or jaw, and it can radiate to your head.

How will I know if I’m grinding my teeth?

Teeth grinding largely goes unnoticed by patients because they do this unconsciously. Headaches and jaw pain, especially in the mornings, are big signs of teeth grinding.

Dr. Larsen is constantly examining your smile during your preventative appointments for signs of teeth grinding, though if you suspect you are doing this, definitely bring up any symptoms you experience outside of the dentist’s office so our team can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Should you go to the dentist with a migraine?

Occasionally, dental issues, such as an abnormal bite or TMJ pain, can contribute to migraine headaches. If this is the case with your situation, the dentist can help alleviate your migraine symptoms. However, if you are experiencing a severe migraine attack likely unrelated to dental problems, you should reschedule the dental appointment. It’s best to see your primary care physician for appropriate treatment.

Can a bad tooth cause headaches and neck pain?

An unhealthy tooth with an infection, fracture, or abscess can cause headaches and neck aches. Dental pain from a bad tooth can release, and direct pain signals to the head and neck. Additionally, clenching and grinding on a problem tooth may strain the jaw muscles and lead to tension headaches and neck discomfort. 

How can I tell if my tooth pain is causing my headaches?

If you’re feeling pain behind your eyes or have a sore jaw, it could be a tooth problem. Another sign that tooth pain could be causing your headache is the frequent popping of jaw joints. Moreover, not seeking medical attention for your chronic toothache might lead to other symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, or vomiting. Always consult a dentist or primary care doctor if these symptoms persist.

Schedule a TMJ Headache Consultation

If you experience frequent headaches and migraines, it may be TMJ-related. Call today to schedule your appointment where Dr. Larsen will perform a bite analysis. We offer several treatments for TMJ disorders to help you find relief from your headaches. You can schedule an appointment with us online or call us at 801.228.0155 for more information.