Implant Dentistry: Our Process

If you are missing one or more teeth, your smile could be at risk of additional dental damage. Even if you treat the underlying cause of your tooth loss, your jawbone may deteriorate and create further oral health concerns.

Replacing your teeth with permanent dental implants can improve oral function, enhance your smile’s appearance, and prevent these secondary dental problems. Dr. Paul Larsen, a dentist located in Bountiful, UT, describes each step of the process of receiving a dental implant so that you know what to expect.

dental implant procedure Bountiful Utah

Jaw Structure Evaluation

If you hope to replace one or more missing teeth, you should first schedule a consultation with your dentist. They can determine the best restorative treatment plan for your unique smile.

In order to receive a dental implant, your jaw must be strong enough to support the anchor. Your dental professional can evaluate the structure of your jawbone using x-ray imaging. They will also examine your smile for other concerns related to your treatment plan.

Surgically Placing the Anchor

If your dentist determines that you are an ideal candidate to receive a dental implant, the first step of the procedure involves oral surgery. The dentist will surgically place the anchor of the implant, a titanium post, into the jaw.

It may take several months to heal and assimilate to the jawbone. During this time, you should treat the area gently. Your dentist may provide you with a temporary prosthetic tooth as you recover.

Securing the Permanent Prosthetic Tooth

Once fully healed from this surgery, you will return to your dentist to complete the implant process. Your dentist will secure a permanent prosthetic tooth, consisting of a dental crown, to an abutment above the gumline attached to the titanium post.

After this treatment, you can enjoy a lifetime of restorative benefits from this permanent tooth replacement solution. The implant comes in several types depending on your unique needs, including a single implant, an implant-supported denture, or an implant-secured denture.

Dental Implants and Other Tooth Replacements in Bountiful, UT

Dr. Larsen provides dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions for patients in Bountiful, UT. Our practice specializes in cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry, including preventative care for patients of all ages. To schedule a consultation or appointment with us, contact our team online or reach our office by phone at 801.228.0155.