Choosing Mercury-Free Dentistry

Years ago, the primary fillings were amalgam fillings, also called silver fillings. These fillings contained liquid mercury in order to fill in all the gaps in a cavity. Recently, the FDA issued an official warning about amalgam fillings and their danger. Dr. Paul Larsen, a dentist in Bountiful, UT, discusses silver fillings and why he provides mercury-free dentistry at his practice.holistic dentist in bountiful, utah

The Dangers of Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are made up of liquid mercury and an alloy of silver, tin, and copper. They’ve become less popular over time, as non-mercury alternatives have taken over, but they were once heavily used. While small amounts of inhaling mercury vapor haven’t been shown to cause problems, there are people that are more susceptible to the impacts of mercury.

For starters, you should avoid metal fillings if you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Children should avoid them as well, especially if they’re under the age of six. You should also steer clear of them if you have a neurological disorder, are allergic to the materials used, or have impaired kidney function.

The FDA doesn’t recommend getting your old silver fillings removed and replaced if they’re still in good condition. This can cause more damage to your teeth. However, if you’re one of the groups mentioned above, you may want to consider it. It also isn’t clear if mercury builds up when fillings are left in.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Dr. Paul Larsen practices mercury-free dentistry at his practice. He’s a provider of holistic dentistry, which recognizes that the health of the mouth is related to the health of the entire body. Mercury-free dentistry avoids materials that could be considered toxic or harmful, eliminating the worry that silver fillings can bring.

If you want to have your amalgam fillings removed, we practice the safest removal methods available. Strong suction and evacuation methods are used to make sure the fillings are removed safely. Diagnostic testing is available to check the levels of mercury in your body. If they’re higher than normal, we’ll work with you to detoxify your body.

The fillings used by Dr. Larsen are made of a composite resin that matches the color of your tooth. In addition to not being toxic, they’re a lot less noticeable than silver fillings. Unless people know what they’re looking for, they won’t be able to tell you even have a filling! We want you to be able to relax and know your fillings are safe.

In addition to being less noticeable and nontoxic, resin fillings actually work better than metal fillings as well. The resin material is able to create a tighter seal around the cavity. This helps it to be more successful to seal off any further infection.

Mercury-Free Dentistry at Your Bountiful, Utah Dentist

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