Safer, More Comfortable Care with the Solea Laser

Laser dentistry offers several benefits over conventional treatment methods. Most notably, it allows for safer care and more predictable results. At Larsen Family Dentistry in Bountiful, UT, we integrate the advanced Solea® Dental Laser into several areas of our practice. The revolutionary laser and advanced software allow Dr. Paul C. Larsen to perform a wide variety of procedures without anesthesia or sutures. The advanced tool makes a range of treatments quicker, more comfortable, and more effective.

Solea laser system

The Solea system features an incredibly precise laser and advanced software.

The Benefits of Laser Treatment

Dental lasers eliminate many of the common complaints associated with visiting the dentist. With the Solea laser, you can expect your treatment to be:

  • Quiet: The unique wavelength of the Solea laser means it is significantly quieter than traditional drills and conventional lasers. 
  • Gentle: The heat from the laser cauterizes tissue on contact so there is little to no bleeding during or after treatment.
  • Precise: Lasers are more accurate than drills and other dental tools. This means Dr. Larsen can work conservatively and preserve a greater amount of healthy tissue.
  • Safe: Laser dentistry is safer and healthier than traditional methods due to a reduced risk of infection and other complications.
  • Free of Anesthesia: This advanced laser offers such comfortable treatment that Dr. Larsen rarely needs to use any form of anesthesia. This allows you to receive treatment without needles and leave the office without numbness.

In addition, the Solea laser allows Dr. Larsen to perform more treatments in a single session, so you can often avoid the hassle of follow-up visits.

How the Solea Laser Works

Solea is an isotopic carbon dioxide (CO2) dental laser. The system features a higher wavelength than other CO2 lasers, which allows for even more comfortable and precise treatment. The device releases controlled pulses of light which can vaporize several types of tissue with minimal trauma. 

A natural complement to our holistic approach to dentistry, the Solea laser ensures your procedure is safe, precise, and stress-free.

The laser is controlled by a sophisticated software which delivers fast, predictable results. Dr. Larsen can control the speed of the laser with a simple foot pedal, allowing him to quickly switch between hard and soft tissue treatment. With multiple handpieces and a streamlined design, the Solea laser ensures your procedure is safe, precise, and stress-free.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

We can use our advanced dental laser to perform a wide variety of procedures. Dr. Larsen can use the Solea laser for hard tissue such as enamel, soft tissue such as the gums, and bone tissue. At Larsen Family Dentistry, you can enjoy a range of pain-free treatments, including:

The Solea laser is so safe that we can even use it to treat children and infants. 

Experience the Benefits of Solea

At Larsen Family Dentistry, we are committed to maintaining the health and well-being of your entire family. To learn more about how the Solea laser complements our holistic approach to dental care, contact us online. You can also call (801) 295-8881 to speak with a member of our caring team today. 

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